Vantage Point Update and Prayer Needs

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“What was once a dream is now a reality!” That is the phrase that I have been telling people lately as I talk to them about where the Lord has us right now.  I have thought about church planting for several years now, but now we are right in the middle of it.

Right now you can say we are still in transition mode. We moved in about a month ago now and we have been getting reunited with the Keller area and learning about the area that God has called us to reach with the Gospel of Jesus. In this process I am learning how to slow down and watch and wait.  For those of you who genuinely know me, you know that I am a go getter and move very quickly.  What I am doing right now is great for my personality and very antagonistic to how I like to work. There have been moments in this short-lived adventure that I have been worried that I have not done enough or am not working hard enough.  I feel that I should be doing more and seeing more results.  What this does to me is gets me all anxious and worried – and then I stop waiting and listening to God and start doing what I think would get results fast; I reverse back to the grow it big mentality with the tricks and tactics that I know. Not where I want or need to be focused at all.

What I am reminded of at this moment is all that God is currently doing in Vantage Point Church!  God is working – and that is enough!  It is amazing how we can get so caught up in what we think should be happening that we forget to see what God is doing!


Right now there is anywhere from 20-30 (got to love the summer months) adults who are gathering each Sunday at 10:00am for worship, teaching, community, and fellowship. At the same time we are gathering there are 8-12 kids upstairs singing and dancing, playing together, doing crafts, and learning about Jesus!  That is so amazing.  And all this is taking place in our house!  It is crazy each week as we see these people in our house and we wonder regularly when we are going to bust out of here into only God knows where! We know that we are not going to be here forever, but we also don’t know how soon we will be moving out.

We are currently working on a neighborhood gathering that we want to host! We are not sure on a date and location, but we know that in August we want to do something to bless this area and to start letting people know there is another church in the area that wants to serve in the name of Jesus.

Be praying for us as we are right in the middle of our series called Greater Things where we are looking at our Core Values – the identity of our church.  Also, be praying for us as we move into another series in the next month about weaving the conversation of God’s Holiness, Man’s Sinfulness, Jesus’ Redemption, and Man’s Responsibility into everyday conversation.  I pray that we grow Vantage Point through these conversations more than anything.

Other Prayer needs:

  • Christin finding a teaching job
  • My son and daughter, Brock and Chloe’s transition to a new life here in Keller
  • Continued conversations with our VP Partners moving them to the next step as Partners
  • New relationships with our neighbors and people God wants us to share the Gospel with
  • Wisdom on next steps as we outgrow where we are
  • Salvation to those who are isolated from God and His People
  • Boldness for our people to share their faith
  • Spirit-led worship in our gatherings
  • VP people recognizing their calling and stepping forward to “equip the saints”

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