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ESV bibleIt has been about 4 weeks now since I first started using the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible and I absolutely love it.  The purpose of this Bible is to help people understand the fullness of the Gospel as it runs seemlessly from Genesis to Revelation. All too often we are guilty of thinking that the message of the Gospel is only displayed for us to read in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but the reality is that the entire Bible is the Gospel story.

As I have read this Bible and the insights that it offers about the Gospel, especially in the Old Testament, I have learned that it is not really a life application style of writing, but it makes is very clear what the Gospel is about and what a life looks like when it is gospel-centered.

If you are looking to get a new Bible I would suggest you check this out and put it on your Christmas list.  I fully embrace it and use it daily in my study of the Word.

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