VP Students

VP Students is passionate about seeing student’s lives changed by the Gospel. It is our heart for students to move from wherever they are spiritually, to where God wants them to be. We believe that God has a specific calling for each and every student that walks through our doors, and we want to partner with them to be in full pursuit of that calling.

Here are some ways your student can get connects at Vantage Point:

  • Wednesday Nights (7:00-8:15pm)

    On Wednesday Nights from 7-8:15PM our students meet at the Willis House. Our Wednesday Night service is a time where students gather for a midweek break from the chaos of school and their busy personal lives. t’s our belief that having a midweek break from the normal routine allows our students to be recharged by the Gospel, and renewed for the week. Wednesdays are filled with fun games, worship, and teaching that is applicable to where students are in life.

  • Sunday Morning Small Groups (11:00-12:15am)

    On Sunday mornings, all of our students start off in the main worship service with our adults. We love that our adults get to see our students worship and the students get to see how they fit into the church body. After worship, all of our students and leaders get up and head back to the Student Ministry area together, so it doesn’t feel weird. During the next 45 minutes students will dive into God’s word in small groups based on gender. We believe that it’s in these times that our students can be open and real with one another while learning God’s truth.

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