Kids (Elementary)

At Vantage Point Church, we want to partner with you to raise your child in the faith. That is why it is our mission to provide opportunities that are fun, safe, and biblically sound.

As your children get older, we want to seize the opportunity to instruct them in the scripture. We have designed our programs to be continuously moving and engaging so when your kids come home, they can’t stop talking about all they have done and learned

What to Expect

Sunday morning starts with check-in. You will be given a name tag for your child and a “pick-up” tag to keep until after the service. This ensures the security of your child because both tags must match before we release a child. The kids start in  a classroom with their age group where the teacher connects with the kids and sets up the rest of the morning. Then the class move to a large group time where the kids will sing and dance, participate in a production element including skits, storytellers and more. The large group time wraps up with the teaching of the day’s Bible story. The groups move back to their smaller groups to discuss and add creative elements to the lesson they were taught in large group.

What class will my kid go to?

Our Kindergarten through 5th graders have the same schedule and program, but are put in classes to experience it with peers of their same age. Inside their class, we pair kids with teachers to keep optimal and safe ratios.

  • Kinder
  • 1st and 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade through 5 th Grade
Have Questions

If you have any questions concerning out Kid’s Ministry please feel free to ask our KidCo Director Christin Jones.