Kids (Birth to 19 months)

Infants to  19 month olds at Vantage Point Church are loved and nurtured in an environment available for the full length of the Sunday  service. Those workers who help serve in this room are regulars, so your little one will be able to build a good relationships with someone who they can trust .

We understands that if babies and toddlers are happy, then their parents are happy. The Infant and Toddler room provides loving care so parents and caregivers can fully enjoy the worship experience and teaching and connect with others at Vantage Point – without worrying about their little ones.

What to Expect

Sunday morning starts with check-in.  You will be given a name tag for your child and a “pick-up” tag to keep until after the service. This ensures the security of your child because both tags must match before we release a child. Your child will then head to their classroom. The classroom is designed to keep your child safe, comfortable, and happy.

Our workers are geared to make this time as much like their normal schedule. They will provide snacks that you provide for your child as well.  We do ask that you bring a diaper bag with specific snack and bottles as well as their own diapers.

Have Questions

If you have any questions concerning out Kid’s Ministry please feel free to ask our KidCo Director Christin Jones.