Message: “#1 – God’s Glory and Our Joy” from Dustin Jones


Dustin Jones - February 4, 2018

#1 - God's Glory and Our Joy

Hear Pastor Dustin speak about the purpose of prayer being for God's Glory and Our Joy.

From Series: "Dear God..."

DEAR God...How many times have you started praying only to get distracted by something else like your kids needing breakfast, checking your Facebook Page, or you just thinking about all that you have to do in a day. Prayer is something that most every believer struggles with, yet we are still called in scripture to "pray with our ceasing". This series is a call and challenge to develop habits that lead to a lifestyle of prayer that glorifies God and provides us with all we ask in His name, bringing to us the fullness of joy found in God’s provisions for us as the GREAT GIVER and PROVIDER.

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