Is Jesus Worth Losing Everything For?

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David Platt has become one of my favorite writers in the past several years.  His first book that I read, Radical, is a must read for anyone who truly wants to live for Jesus and lay everything else down.

Currently I am reading his new book, “Follow Me“, and I have to tell you, it is as amazing as Radical, and as dangerous.  You can’t read this book and do nothing about it.  It is not a feel good book, but it is a book that will call you faith into account and you will leave having tested your faith to see where it is.  There are far too many Christian “motivational” writers that are writing that are doing nothing more than tickling the ears of its readers with how to do life just a bit better, but David Platt simply does not follow that road.

This video is a small piece of what you can expect from all his writings and especially Follow Me.

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