Is God Really In __________?

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washing machineHow do you know if what you are doing is what God wants you to do?  Easy, God is in the midst of it.  How do you know God is in the midst of it?  Easy, you see His finger prints all over it.

One thing that has been so exciting is to watch the finger prints of God become so evident on this church planting journey .  There are so many stories, but I want to share one specific one  that has unfolded in just recent weeks and continues to unfold.

Back a couple of weeks ago, we had a garage sale to get rid of some of our stuff that we don’t need before the big move back to Keller.  That Friday morning was a cold and slow morning, but I was out there watching and waiting.  Two women come up about the same time and started asking questions.  I noticed a Cross and another Christian symbol on her necklace so I asked her about her faith.  It started a conversation up that started up another conversation with another woman at the garage sale. It was so much fun to talk about Jesus with strangers, but wait, there’s more.

Back up several months, our washing machine decides it does not want to wash clothes anymore.  I had a repair man come in who lived in our neighborhood who told me that it wasn’t worth fixing and it might be a good time to invest in a new one.  It was not a good time to have to buy a new washer, but we did.  So we did like all good people who have broken washing machines – we put it outside on the side of our house.

Back to the garage sale day – I am having this conversation with these two ladies about Jesus and church and our plans when this man on a bike rides up and asks if the washing machine was for sale. I told him that it was broken and if he wanted it he could have it.  He wanted it so he went back to his house, got his truck and came back and picked it up minutes later.  After we got it loaded in his truck we began some basic conversation; I learned that his name was Steve and he lived 8 houses down the street from me and that he loved Jesus a lot.  He asked what I did and I told him that I was a church planter about to plant in the Keller-Haslet area.  He was so interested in what we were doing and began to ask me more questions.  It is not everyday that a stranger is interested in your life, but for one to be intrigued by our plans to plant a church – now we are getting a little on the freaky side of things.

In the conversation he tells me that he belongs to a house church that met in the area and they like to help pastors plant churches.  He asked if I had some information, so I gave him all that I had and pointed him to the website.  Conversation over.  He drives off and there I am wondering what just happened and honestly expecting to hear nothing back from this man or this church.  Right.  Wrong.  So about a week or so goes by and I get a phone call from Steve very matter-of-factly asking if my family could come to their house church meeting that Sunday to speak to their congregation and share with them the dream and vision of Vantage Point.  Because I am leading worship I couldn’t commit to that Sunday and I told him I would get back to him.  So this whole time I am thinking, this is not real.  Come to find out my pastor that I work knows this church and its all real – they are really doing this!

We will be meeting with this house church April 28th to talk about Vantage Point and what God is doing with our family and those who are partnering with us.

So here is the lesson here (incase it wasn’t clear enough).  How often is God working all around us to spread his glory to the ends of the earth and in our business or just unbelief we don’t see it or recognize it as a God thing.  It is amazing how we look at the happenings in our life and don’t give God the credit for being in the midst of it all.

Ecclesiastes 8:6

6 For there is a time and a way for everything, although man’s trouble lies heavy on him.

Here’s the deal, I am ok with saying that God was in the breaking my washing machine.  I know some people have a hard time with this, but I don’t.  I just don’t believe that my washing machine broke on a fluke and God decided to use that to meet me up with Steve and Engedi Life.  I honestly believe that God had already planned to break my washer before the formation of the world so that His plan for putting me, Steve and Engedi together would happen.  I was so mad that day it broke.  I didn’t want to buy another washer.  But in the midst of me thinking how terribly this was, God was working his beautiful plan for the good of His Kingdom.

Romans 8:28
28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

What is God doing in your life now that you are not recognizing as the hand of God? Be patient and keep your eyes and ears open.


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