Finding a Church in Newark, TX

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A Church in Newark, TX Area

Have you just relocated to Newark, TX and did a Google search on “church in Newark?” Or maybe you’ve realized it’s simply time to get your family into healthy church and now you are looking and you live in Newark or the surrounding area. The search results of churches near Newark pop up and now you are wondering where to start. There are many great options but each church near Newark, TX has its unique niche and style.

Dustin’s Story

I grew up in the same church for 20 years. I then left home to attend college and begin my first job. For the first time in my life I had to look for a new church home. Initially I wanted to find something that looked like what I grew attending, but I also wanted to try some new churches out and find what was right fit for me.

How do I even start to look for a new church in the Newark, TX area? Am I willing to drive 10-15 minutes if there is a unique fit that is just right for me and my family? We are located in Haslet just a hop, skip and jump away from Newark, TX (about 10 minutes away).

Here are some questions will help you find your new church home.

Here are some Question To Ask

What are the foundational doctrinal beliefs?

Does the church in Newark you are considering have a clear statement of belief? You should know what the church believes before you go check it out. If a church doesn’t publish their beliefs, often called a doctrinal statement, on their web page or in a place where you can see them, then proceed with caution. You should know what any of churches in the Newark area believe about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Bible and Humanity.

At Vantage Point Church, we want people to know what we believe. If you are new to church, we’d be happy to sit down with you and answer any question. We make our foundational beliefs simple but clear. You can check out the “What We Believe” section on our website. If you have further questions about the beliefs of our church serving the Haslet area, please feel free to email me, Pastor Dustin

How does you get plugged in a new Newark church?

We don’t want you just to attend church, we want you to get plugged in, making friends and serving others. At Vantage Point, we truly want to help you get connected to more than a Sunday service. It is our hope to help you grow in your relationship with God, and we want you to live in relationships with other people and make a difference in the lives of others using your unique gifts.

One way we help you connect through our Discover Vantage Point Class. This class is a time to get to know others and find out answers about churches near Newark over a meal either after service. During our time together you will discover our values and vision and learn a little more about Vantage Point. We also want get to know you a little better. We want to learn what you are seeking and help get you plugged into a church where you can grow as well as where you will best help others.

How do you promote serving others as a church in the Newark area?

A great questions to ask when stepping into a new church is, “What is the overall mission of the church?” Is the church simply going to be a place you attend or one where you can help make a difference in Newark, Haslet, Fort Worth, Texas and even across the globe.

When we began Vantage Point Church, we chose to plant in Haslet, TX, because of the potential for transformation we saw in this area. With the surrounding areas of Newark, Rhome, Saginaw and North Fort Worth, there was a incredible need for a healthy church. The foundational question behind our launch was “What would it look like not to just be another church in the area, but to church the entire area?

Vantage Point exists not to be just another gathering in the Newark area, but for the purpose that God has for the church, to “go and make disciples of all nations…”(Matthew 28:19). We truly believe that if we are going to be the church that God called us to be then we have some work to do – at home in the immediate body, in our local cities of Haslet, Newark, Rhome and North Fort Worth, but also knowing that we are called to the ends of the earth.

Vantage Point is making disciples that also impact their sphere of influence–a place of business, co-workers, educational environment, creative arts groups, sports teams, clubs and your own family. This is where God has placed you to share the hope of Jesus. When men, women, teenagers and even kids see how God has called them, where they are to share the gospel, then we will begin to see how the church, the disciples of Jesus, make a difference in all of society.

What is your philosophy of Kid’s ministry and reaching kids in Newark?

“Jesus loves the little children of the world!” the familiar song says. Young kids are soaking in so much information these days. This information is shaping their lives. What your children learn at church is vital to their future.

We are serious about creating a fun, learning environment for your kids on Sunday mornings. Early in the life of Vantage Point we saw that many families that had lots of kids were coming. This trend continues. As we continue to watch our kids attendance grow we knew that we had to be ready to minister to kids on their level. We want to help you help your kids to love God and live as His kids.

Sunday mornings for us is not just about providing babysitting so that parents can drop off their kids and go to the main worship service. KidCo, our children’s ministry at our Haslet location, is a community for kids to learn about God in way they can comprehend and to worship with other kids their age. Our kids are currently grouped as Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, Kinder through 2nd grade and 3rd through 5th grade. For an overview of KidCo see our KidCo section on our website.

With other churches in Newark and the nearby areas, what unique calling and focus does this church have?

I have been attending church since I was a child. When you grow up in church, so often your focus is simply on going to church.  Often the leader’s goal is to simply make the church bigger and better.

As God began working my heart as a young church planter, there were incredible leaders in my life that challenged me to not start a church with the typical “Church Model” – where you build a church and people will show up.

Instead, at Vantage Point, we don’t start with the church building or Sunday morning show! We start with the understanding that God’s Kingdom is at hand. God is working here on earth! God doesn’t want to be just near to you, He wants to work through you.

Because of this understanding, together we learn how to see God at work and to join Him in what He is already doing. This is what you were created for!

As you do this, and we’ve seen this time and time again, transformation happens and you’ll be amazed at how God uses you! You’ll actually become a part of what God is passionate about. You’ll impact others’ lives. We don’t care if we are the biggest church in the Newark/Haslet. That isn’t our main focus. We want you to thrive and as you do, we’ll grow organically. As people visit Vantage Point Church and start walking as a follower of Jesus, transformation happens—they realize life is bigger than them and want to serve others. Our people continually come up with ways to serve others, those likthe homeless and minister to their neighbors.

Why doesn’t Vantage Point have a building in the Newark-Haslet area yet?

Vantage Point is a young and growing church that began only 3 years ago in a house. We knew that in time God would transitions us out of the house and into the next place. In February of 2014 that place was our current location, the Xplor Day Care, located in the incredible community of Sendera Ranch, in Haslet, TX, a mere 7 miles from Newark, TX.

God has provided this location as a perfect place for us to get established as a church body. We have learned what it means to be a church in a community for the community. In our current location, we don’t have a huge mortgage payment and can pay our bills easily every month. Because of this, we are able to focus our resources more on ministry and missional opportunities.

However, we know this not our long-term location. As we grow in attendance and finances, we trust that God will show us again what is our next home. We don’t know when that will be, but at the rate we are currently growing, we know that is in our future.

Do you see yourself being connecting and committed for longer than the current sermon series?

In my years of ministry I have watched people treat the church like middle school kid treat dating. One week they like one girl, but next week it’s a different girl. I read a book called, “Stop Dating the Church”. In this book, the author challenges people to take serious their calling to be connected and committed to the Church.

Whatever church in Newark, TX you are looking to attend, do you see yourself:

  • connecting and growing in your walk with God?
  • walking in relationships with others in Biblical community?
  • using your gifts and passions to serve and build up the body of believers?

All three of these are crucial if you plan on getting involved longer than the current sermon series. Get plugged to whichever of the churches in Newark God leads you to!

I hope these question help you as you do your search for a new church in the Newark area. There are many great churches in this area of Texas. We’d love to have you visit Vantage Point, but if we are not where God is calling, we want to see you get connected to one of the healthy churches in Newark, Rhome, Haslet or North Fort Worth!

If you have any other questions about getting connected at Vantage Point, we would love to talk with you!

Dustin Jones, Lead Pastor


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