Families, have you arrived…or are you lost along the way?

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Vantage Point is a church in Haslet, Texas, with a desire to impact families.

We know that operating as a family can be smooth and fulfilling at times, while other times it can take all the life right out of you. I believe the biggest problem facing families today is not knowing where they are going – they don’t have an end in mind.  This problem leaves families with the approach of just trying to figuring it out and hoping they get “there”, with no understanding of where “there” is located.  Truth is we can know how to lead our families. Vantage Point’s pastor, Dustin Jones, wants to lead you and your family on a great adventure called Are We There Yet? – A family’s guide to being an awesome family. Bring the whole crew as we kick this series off September 13th.

Series Information:

“Are we there yet?”
For moms and dads that question might be one of the most frustrating questions to hear 10 minutes after heading out on a long road trip. But when it comes to the health, function, and vitality of our family, we all need to know if we are getting close. “Are We There Yet?” is a 5 week sermon series that will define where “there” is for each person in the family as well as provide practical steps to navigate your journey to the end.

  • Sept. 13th – Where are we headed?
  • Sept. 20th – Dad vs. Dud
  • Sept. 27th – From a Mom’s View
  • Oct. 4th – Kid’s Gone Crazy
  • Oct. 11th – We Have Arrived

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