we are moving to an every other week gathering schedule

One of the main ways we are planning to keep our gatherings as safe and mindful as possible, is that we will be moving to an every other week gathering schedule. For example, we will being gathering in person this Sunday the 19th, but the next Sunday, the 26th, we will only stream our service online at 5pm on facebook and youtube. We believe this will lessen the interaction of our people, and the chances of spreading COVID 19. This move will also allow individuals 14 days in-between services to quarantine and learn of potential new cases or symptoms. 

your safety matters. HEre's what we are doing for every in-person service :

  • We will require everyone register online every week, to keep track of the number of attenders to ensure we are staying within capacity
  • The worship Centers seating will have been adjusted to accommodate social distancing guidelines by blocking out at least 6 feet from each family’s seating and limiting capacity.
  • Every chair will be sanitized before every service.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the building.
  • Masks will be required in all common spaces like the Lobby & Restrooms, but will not be required once you are in your seat in the worship auditorium.
  • All commonly used entry doors to the building and worship center will be propped open to prevent you from having to touch door handles.
  • Our awesome connection team will greet you with a wave and a smile instead of a handshake or hug.
  • On-campus water fountains have been disabled.
  • The restrooms are designed to be as touch-less as possible and will will still be routinely cleaned and sanitized before and during every services.