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Children’s Ministry in Haslet – KidCo

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Vantage Point Church places a high value on the kids who come through our doors each week.

It’s why we started our children’s ministry in Haslet, TX called KidCo.

children's ministry in haslet, tx

When the church first started as a house church in Haslet 3 years ago, we saw an incredible number of kids coming each week with their parents.

In fact, it was because we were having so many kids attend that we had to leave the house setting and move to a building that would allow for an expanded children’s ministry.

From the beginning of Vantage Point we knew that we would eventually be a church in Haslet, Texas, and we realized we would be in the heart of an incredible family community – Sendera Ranch. It was evident; a vibrant children’s ministry in Haslet would be crucial.

Within a six-mile radius of where Vantage Point is located in Haslet, TX you will find:

It is safe to say that Vantage Point Church is in a community that is strongly established around young kids and teenagers.

With that in mind, Vantage Point takes great joy in creating an environment where kids can come and have a great time in a safe atmosphere to learn about a loving God  and worship him each and every Sunday during our children’s ministry–Kid’s Community (KidCo).

What can I expect during my first visit as a parent dropping my kids off?

At Vantage Point, we want to make your experience a positive one. We know that showing up on the first Sunday can be a little overwhelming for and your children. Upon your arrival, you can expect our front door greeters to welcome you and then introduce you to our KidCo Host.

These fun and loving adults will greet you and your kids and begin to help you through your process of getting checked-in. After you are in our system, you and your child will receive a matching security tag. These matching child and parent tags are required when you come and pick up your child after service for their security.

Our host will also give you a quick tour of our KidCo area and introduce you to your child’s teacher. We want you to ask any questions you have and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help make your child’s first experience one of many.

What does a typical Sunday look like in KidCo?

kids ministry haslet vantage point churchVantage Point Church does not see children’s ministry as a Haslet daycare service for you while you are worshiping and learning about God. We invest in your child! Our KidCo children’s ministry time is creative, fun, energetic and engaging as your kids get to know who God is, the incredible love that He has for each one of them, and they worship Him in through energy packed songs.

Babies and Toddlers each have their own separate space and special activities on Sunday mornings with loving adults who will take great care of your little ones. During their time they listen to music and have lots of playtime. If you want your child to have a snack, we ask that you pack one in their diaper bag, along with diaper and wipes you want us to use. We use best practices for health and sanitary conditions throughout our children’s ministry.

If your child is Pre-K through 6th grade, they will have an opportunity to connect with their age group, enjoy worship and a Bible lesson in our large group setting, play outside for a bit and then come back to a small group where the lesson will be further explored.

Vantage Point uses the Orange curriculum ( Orange focuses on scripture from the Bible in a way that allows children to apply it to their everyday life. Each week you will receive a Parent Cue sheet that gives parent tools and questions to develop conversations about the lesson from that week.

Are your kid’s workers background checked?

Each worker who works in our kid’s ministry goes through a thorough background check before they begin working with children. In addition, each of our new children’s ministry workers go through a trial period where they shadow an experienced kid’s worker to help them learn how we do ministry for kids. You will also notice that each classroom is very visible for observation with large windows which allows everything taking place in the classroom to easily be monitored by you and our KidCo Director and assistants.

We know that many Haslet families first come back to church when they have children. There is an awareness that parents want to provide their children with spiritual foundations (as well as get parenting help themselves). We welcome this and our Haslet church’s children’s ministry is designed to provide them and you the tools you need to see your child gain these foundations and thrive in life.

We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you, your children and family connect to the ministries at Vantage Point. If you have any specific questions about our children’s ministry, KidCo, or you just want to let us know you are coming, please feel free to call us 817-393-4033. You can also email Kristin Johnson, Vantage Point’s Kid’s Director, at

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