A Church For YOU in Haslet, Texas

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A church for YOU in Haslet, Texas.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, or what you’ve done, there’s a place for you in the local church. Because this thing called church – It’s not about a building. It’s about a movement of people following a loving God and serving each other.

The vision of Vantage Point Church is to be a church that Loves God and Lives as His People. We are a church in Haslet, TX, located in the community of Sendera Ranch.  We are a young and growing church, filled with people:

  • Who have been in church all their lives,
  • People who have just started engaging Jesus and going to church for the first time,
  • As well as people who have started attending church AGAIN, after a long period of wanting nothing to do with the organized church.

The reality is that no matter where you fall in your understanding of God, or what your church attendance record might look like, Vantage Point Church is “A PLACE FOR YOU”!

Starting this Sunday, and for the next 4 weeks, we will be walking through a sermon series on the church called “A Place For Everyone”. We want to share with you Jesus’ calling for His Church and how He has put it together as a place for His people, not to just attend, but a place to belong, connect, grow and serve with others as we seek to Love God and Live as His people.

Come see the spot carved out just for you. Join us as we discover A Place for Everyone.

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