How is Money Handled in a Church Plant?

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The other day my wife and I had the big conversation – you know the one about the family budget. I was on the computer putting all our finances into the spreadsheet and she was spouting out the amounts that I was supposed to put in.  Mortgage…..Electric….Cell Phone….Eating Out….Tithe. I stopped in mid-type and thought, and then said out loud, “So how will that work?”

So how does that work for a new church plant?  I had a conversation with someone the other day and he asked, “so do we just write checks and give them to someone in the group we just name as the church treasurer.”  It was quite funny to think about, but for people who attend a church where they pass an offering plate, to be a part of a place where they can’t afford the offering plate yet, giving can seem a little weird.  I have to admit that it was weird for me to think about at first as well.

So here is how giving is going to work in the early years of Vantage Point.  Most church plants, in the early years, have a sponsoring church that helps with the business piece of the church.  The typical church plant isn’t fully established with a 501C3 tax exempt status, or set up as an incorporated organization who can give out contribution statements, like a fully established church. Because this is where we will be starting out, NorthWood is going to provide this covering for us. This simply means that all money, whether it is outside organizations, or people at Vantage Point tithing weekly or monthly, will be sent through NorthWood to Vantage Point. So each week during the cell gathering, or worship gathering, when tithes are given, the money and checks will be counted by a partner other than me (Dustin), and taken to NorthWood to be deposited.  This is where money for salaries and ministry will come from.

It is our desire, as the leadership on Vantage Point, to be 100% open and honest about how we are spending money.  It is our commitment to you to be open with you as you make your commitment to Vantage Point in your financial giving.

If you are interested in partnering with us financially then you can start doing that now.  Click here to go to the support page on the website that has all giving instructions and links.  Those who give more than $200 a year will receive a contribution statement for tax purposes.



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