KidCo (Kid’s Community) is a place where your little ones will learn to LOVE GOD and LIVE as HIS KIDS!


Parent Resources
The Parent Cue app is now being used at Vantage Point!

Here at Vantage Point we believe that KidCo absolutely cannot be the only place your kids hear about Jesus and His great love. With our new elementary curriculum comes a parent app that will help you talk with your kids and lead them in daily discussion about Jesus.

The Parent Cue app offers resources for those every day moments that happen away from home:

  • Drive Time offers weekly videos retelling Bible stories and music that you and your kid will love.
  • Hang Time gives weekly activities your family will enjoy and fun monthly videos.
  • Meal Time provides discussion starters for kids and parents to help you take conversations a bit deeper.
  • Parent Time is full of insight, information, and encouragement just for parents.

All of the content on the Parent Cue app lines up with the 252 Basics lessons, allowing parents to continue the conversation all week long. And parents can receive a daily push notification that reminds them to use their Parent Cue and connect with their kids. So, parents, go to the Apple App Store or Android Market and pick up the Parent Cue for only $1.99. It is a small investment that will have great impact.